Ohio Indemnity Program Business

Our strategy emphasizes strong relationships with agents to achieve our goals. This includes arrangements that enable us to expand into additional products and niche markets over time.

Larger companies are often reluctant to move into and remain in niches, considering these opportunities too small. We actively pursue stable profitable books of business, no matter what the size.

Listening to our agents is important, and is an integral part of our relationship with them. We also offer products tailored to meet our agents' needs and work closely with them on a regular basis.

Bureaucracy is considered an unnecessary obstacle that can negatively impact customer relationships. Our agents appreciate having regular, face-to-face access to executive management. We reinforce our commitment to them through regular on-site visits and continuous communication. In this way we learn more about ways to help them achieve their objectives and expand our relationship over time.

We seek to provide our agents with the products designed to meet their specific business requirements. We will work closely with an agency that has an attractive book of business, product specialty, or geographic market. Working together, Ohio Indemnity and the agent both benefit.

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